Stepping up a gear

April 3, 2008

Hi all, has the cruise gets closer I have decided to step my training up a gear, I will now be running more often (which I did this morning) and doing extra sessions including Tae Boe to shed that extra bit of fat. I have currently lost around 14lbs of fat which is good.

My 100 burpee challenge will take place in approx 2 weeks time and I am training for this every day now, along with abs training which I have never really done before.

I will take a picture tomorrow and that will be the last one until I post one just before the holiday.

Would like to say thanks for the comments.

Until tomorrow.


March 25, 2008

Hi, today I did a conditioning workout from Infinite Intensity, I had to use a skipping rope for the routine which also involved a decent amount of burpees!

The burpee portion of the session was the hardest and I could feel the sweat running down my face has I skipped. I am starting to feel alot better now and can see some improvements in the mirror, but there is still alot of work to be done.

My eating plane has been spot on today.

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I now have around four weeks to go before my cruise so my training will really need to be stepped up soon.

Thanks for reading.

Feeling refreshed

March 23, 2008

hi, I have had a good weekend off (and very much welcomed!), I have eat well and relaxed HARD! this is very important on any strength and fitness journey, you need to find time to relax and recharge your batteries otherwise you will burn out.

I am adding bits and pieces to my workout this coming week, My mini circuit will now include a forearm exercise and I have found a decent looking abs routine I am going to try, I will let you know how it works!

I am going for a April 10th deadline for my 100 burpee challenge, but this may change slightly.

Thats all for now, a big week coming up!

March 21, 2008

picture-4-001.jpgPicture 4

Hi, today I did two sessions, the first one was HIIT out in the woods early this morning and the second was a max strength session in the early evening. I am absolutley shattered right now!!!!!

I will also perform a mini circuit later on tonight consisting of burpees and press -ups, I will do 10 of each.

Why the mini circuits?

Because I’m greasing the grove, this is a method that is increasingly popular in the strength and conditioning world. It’s commonly used to improve a weakness, in my case I am using it to prepare for the 100 burpee challenge. Greasing the grove means you take an exercise, in my case burpees and press -ups, and perform short sets on a regular basis with the intention of improving overall performance.

I recommend greasing the grove!

My eating plan today was strict, this is because I need results fast, this is in order to be in shape for my cruise (April 24th).

Meal 1 – protein powder in water

Meal 2 – salmon and salad

Meal 3 – tuna salad

Meal 4 – protein powder in water

Meal 5 – fresh salmon and raw vegetables

Meal 6 – tuna

Until tomorrow.

10 Minutes of pain!

March 20, 2008

Mepicture-3.jpg These are my first picture (left) and my picture from today. The size of the actual photo’s are a little different but I am working on that!

Today I did 10 minutes of exercise, I performed has many burpees and squats has I could in those 10 minutes and believe me, it was 10 minutes of pain!!!!! I reached failure plenty of times and by the end I was dripping in sweat. One reason for this drill was to prepare for my 100 burpee challenge and after today’s workout, I have realised how much work I will need to put in.

Try this workout, it is VERY effective!.

I finished with a short abs routine and 5 minutes of skipping. I have never been a fan of core workouts but have decided to dedicate a little more time on it because of my goal of wanting a six pack. It is known has the 12 second workout but lasts around 90 seconds altogether. You perform an abs routine and each rep lasts for 12 seconds and you do 8 reps. Doesn’t sound like much but I could feel the burn.

My diet today was strict has ever consisting of chicken, protein shakes and tuna salad.

Until tomorrow,

Train hard

Strength training

March 19, 2008

Hi, today I did a max strength training session, this time though, I performed 30 seconds of jumping jacks between every set, this really got the sweat running!!!!!

Last night before bed I did a mini circuit of 10 burpees and 10 press-ups, I will do this agan tonight, all in preparation for my 100 burpee challenge which will be some time next month.

I will be posting pictures on a regular basis from now on so look out for one tomorrow. I am also working on a couple of videos which I will upload has soon has they are ready.

I will leave you now because it is past my bedtime, so see you tomorrow and train hard.



March 18, 2008

Today I perervformed a hiit workout (high intensity interval training), I did this in some woods close to where I live.

You perform hiit by doing periods of all out effort followed by periods of low intensity effort, normally 30 seconds of each or 1 minute of each, I performed 30 seconds. So my workout looked a little like this:

30 seconds jogging

30 seconds sprinting – and so on until the end of the workout.

Research suggests that this type of training is better for fat loss than long duration, low intensity exercises. HIIT lasts no longer than 15 minutes, today my one was alot quicker because it was the first time in a couple of years that I have performed such a workout. I highly recommendt!

 Before bed tonight I will do 10 – 15 burpees has I start to prepare for the challenge, adding bits and pieces to your workout like this can have positive benefits. I will let you know how I get on.

The aim for today’s eating plane is has follow’s:

Meal 1 – Protein powder in water

Meal 2 – Tuna salad

Meal 3 – Tuna salad

Meal 4 – Jacket potato with beans

Meal 5 – Tuna

I will report back tomorrow.

The secret project!

March 17, 2008

After trainingHi, this picture was taken today after training.

Today I did renegade man makers, these are a form of burpee, except you hold dumbbells in each hand and at the bottom portion after you complete the press up you bring on arm up at a time in a rowing sort of motion. It is hard to explain so I will post a video of it this week. The rep scheme I used was this, I started with 10 reps, rested briefly than did 9 reps and so on all the way down to 1. This type of routine combines strength and conditioning and is very effective.

The secret project:

Well, it’s a secret! But it is something I have been working on for a couple of weeks now and I will be revealing all in about 5 weeks time (exact date to come). If you think you know what it might be than please leave a comment and I will let you know if you are cold or warm. I hope that when I reveal exactly what this is that it will motivate you to make a change for the better, that’s all I can say at this time! Stay tuned!

My Challenge:

I have decided to take a challenge that will push me to the limits, this is the 100 burpee challenge! I aim to complete 100 burpees and have it recorded in real time for everyone to see. At present I can’t perform many more than 10 so I will have to get training! Exact date to come…..

Today’s eating plan:

Meal 1 – Protein powder in water

Meal 2 – Tuna salad

Meal 3 – Tuna salad

Meal 4 – Protein powder in water

Meal 5 – Grilled chicken and steamed vegetables

Meal 6 – Tuna

Until tomorrow!

Week 2 starting!

March 16, 2008

Hi, week 2 starts tomorrow and I must admit, I can’t wait!

The last week has been good, so has the last few days I have had has rest, my eating has still been good although I did have a cheat meal tonight.

Next week I will be doing a few HIIT sessions out in the park, this is an high intensity programme that helps fat loss in a big way, I will explain more when I do it.

Anyway, time to get some rest, it’s a big week starting tomorrow!


Week 1 – Day 4

March 13, 2008

Today I did the magic 50 from infinite intensity, after each set I did 30 seconds of skipping to help aid fat loss. I was sweating buckets at the end!!!!!

My diet was like this:

Meal 1 – Protein with water

Meal 2 – Protein with water

Meal 3 – 1 can of tuna

Meal 4 – banana and low fat yogurt

Meal 5 – 1 can of tuna

I missed dinner because I was so busy at work, I will learn from this and not make the same mistake!

Thats all for today.

ps – It’s my birthday today, but Ididn’t have any cake!